how it works

Many global companies and organisations conduct market research groups to help them gain an understanding of how their services or products, some of which are still in their formative stages, are viewed by the people who they are trying to reach.  A respondent is chosen to attend a particular market research group dependent on the criteria which the client requires, this can include gender, age, profession, family situation etc.

Once you register with us, and are on our database, you will begin receiving notifications of current projects we are recruiting for including:

  • Market Research Focus Groups
  • One to One Interviews either Face to Face or by Telephone
  • Workshops
  • Online Panels
  • Accompanied Shops

If you show an interest and are selected you will then be contacted and screened by one of our fieldwork team. The screener is usually in the form of a questionnaire to ensure that you meet all the relevant criteria.

Groups are usually conducted in viewing facilities and last on average between one to two hours. The session is generally audio and video recorded for internal purposes, allowing the clients to analyse respondent views and opinions.  The incentive for taking part in the research is usually paid in cash at the session.